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by Thin Blue Line USA February 15, 2017 1 Comment

At Thin Blue Line USA, we receive numerous stories from passionate supporters about how they are going out of their way to thank their local police officers. These stories are beautiful insights into how people are expressing their love and gratitude to their local law enforcement in powerful and creative ways. Join us as we Give Blue, and make every officer feel the love, rather than hate, our society has to offer. We have compiled a list of simple and genuine ways you can show your thanks to your local departments and officers.

1. Just thank them, really

    • So often are people intimidated by the sight of an officer in public that they will do all they can to stay a respectful distance, avoid eye contact, and remain overtly lawful. This behavior is a natural reaction, and something that our officers are more than used to seeing. However, you can have a profound, genuine effect on an officer’s day by simply approaching them with a smile and thanking them for the work they do. This simple act creates an amazing display of respect between citizen and officer and will truly have more of an affect than you could imagine.
    • Bonus: Keep a few extra Thin Blue Line Pins in your bag to really make the memory special for the officer and you.
Thin Blue Line
    2. Write letters to your local department
      • These days, receiving mail is something reserved for bills and Christmas cards. When we get that handwritten thank you letter, wedding invite, or birthday card, it has a real genuine effect, because we understand that someone set apart time for us. By taking just a few minutes and creating a handwritten letter to send to your local department, you will truly have a positive impact on each officer that gets to read it. Trust us, the department will make sure your letter is passed around and will give every officer a reason to smile.
      • Bonus: Challenge yourself to write a letter every Sunday to a new department.
      3. Visit the department
        • Some of our favorite stories are from parents that bring their kids into a department to meet and thank an officer. Young kids tend to see police officers as the heroes they are, and only dream of being able to meet one in person. This awe and wonder makes for a the most beautiful of interactions between kids and officers, and can truly brighten the day of everyone involved. No need to make reservations, most departments will welcome in during business hours and an officer will be happy to come out and speak with your family!

      Thin Blue Line American FlagAnd there you have it, three simple ways we have seen people have amazing connections with their local departments. Sometimes showing your gratitude may ask you to take a step out of your comfort zone, but trust us, you will feel great knowing that you helped an officer remember the true purpose behind the work they are doing! Challenge yourself to try all three of these techniques and make it your goal to Give Blue!

      Thin Blue Line USA
      Thin Blue Line USA


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