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Remembering Police Officer Chase Maddox | Give Blue | $4,417.96 Donated

by Kelleigh Lamb February 26, 2018 1 Comment

Young Officer, Expecting Father, Killed in Georgia

This week has been littered with senseless and tragic attacks on our Law Enforcement Officers. Officer Chase Maddox, shot and killed yesterday in Georgia while serving a warrant, was just 26 years old. In a few days, his pregnant widow will give birth to a child he will never know. Please keep his young family in your thoughts and prayers. Participate in the fundraiser:

Posted by Thin Blue Line USA on Saturday, February 10, 2018



Police Officer Chase Maddox was shot and killed when he responded for backup to two deputies from the Henry County Sheriff's Office who were serving a warrant on February 9, 2018.

Officer Maddox served with the Locust Grove Police Department for five years and was survived by his expectant wife and son. His second son was born just four days after his death.

Our Give Blue fundraiser began shortly after hearing of the loss of this hero. We quickly saw the community banding together to show their appreciation for the service of Officer Chase Maddox. The fundraiser inspired beautiful testimonials and numerous contributions. We send our deepest thanks to everyone that took part and continues to wear their Thin Blue Line Bracelet in his honor.

“People who encountered him experienced Heaven on Earth,” said the Rev. Coleton Segars, Maddox’s brother-in-law. “He just pulled people up. He just lifted the room. Our world is broken in many ways, and Chase worked to mend it.” - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A donation of $4,417.96 was made to a local Gofundme, organized by a close family friend, to directly support the young family. The donation will continue the great work that Chase offered his commnity.

God bless you, Chase Maddox. May you rest in peace.

To read more about Thin Blue Line USA's efforts to support our nation's fallen officers, please click here

Kelleigh Lamb
Kelleigh Lamb


1 Response

Pippi Jester
Pippi Jester

May 05, 2020

Officer Maddox assisted me at gas station for a man who had memory loss and had no idea where he lived, Maddox was such a hero that day, patient, kind, easy like a Sunday morning he shined like an angel on earth, the good die young, i wish he had called out sick the day he died! Rest In Peace our Locust Grove hero! It is sad he died for 4000.00 dollar donation, come on guys we can do more!

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