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Remembering Commander Paul Bauer | Give Blue | $16,430.85 Donated

by Kelleigh Lamb February 27, 2018 1 Comment

Commander Paul Bauer was shot and killed on February 13, 2018, while attempting to arrest an armed suspect who was running from other officers.

Commander Bauer served with the Chicago Police Department for 32 years and was commander of the 018th District. He is survived by his wife and daughter.

Our Give Blue Fundraiser began shortly after the tragedy occurred. The fundraiser swept across the community of Chicago; sparking overwhelming contributions and support for the family of this fallen hero. We send our deepest thanks to everyone that took part and continues to wear their Thin Blue Line Bracelet in honor of Commander Bauer.

"He was a man of faith, and he lived like a man of faith,” said Capt. Mel Roman, who worked closely with Bauer at the Near North District. - Chicago Tribune

A total donation of $16,430.85 was made to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation in his memory. This donation will continue the dedicated service Commander Bauer gave to his community.

God bless you, Paul Bauer. May you rest in peace.

To read more about Thin Blue Line USA's efforts to support our nation's fallen officers, please click here.

Kelleigh Lamb
Kelleigh Lamb


1 Response


December 23, 2019

My nephew has been on the force since he graduated college. He recently sent me a “Blue Line” Kendra Scott necklace which I love. I remember when Commander Bauer was killed. The necklace has special meaning to me because it was designed by his daughter. I would greatly appreciate it if I could have an address to write to her to tell her how touched I am by the way she chose to honor her father. Of all the gifts I received this Christmas the Kendra Scott Blue Line necklace has meant the most to me. God Bless

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