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Announcing $10,000 Donation to the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund

by Thin Blue Line USA October 27, 2017 3 Comments

The National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund continues to be an organization Thin Blue Line USA is proud to partner with year after year. The important work they perform immortalizes the sacrifice every fallen officer has made for their community and our country. In the next few years, the NLEOMF will complete a museum in the heart of Washington D.C. dedicated to the law enforcement officers that have given their lives for this nation. The museum will be the first of its kind, housing important artifacts, and literature, that detail the history of law enforcement in the United States.

Thin Blue Line MemorialThin Blue Line USA is proud to support the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund with a gift of $10,000. We are committed to keeping the meaning behind each of our products focused on the non-profits and charities that support our nation's heroes. The National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund provides a great way for supporters across the country to give back. To make a direct donation, please follow the link here.

To Learn more about the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund please read on or click here.

NLEOMF Memorial"Founded in 1984, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is dedicated to telling the story of American Law Enforcement and making it safer for those who serve.

A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Washington, DC, the Memorial Fund built and continues to maintain the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial—the nation’s monument to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The Memorial Fund is a principal organizer of the National Police Week observance each May and hosts a Candlelight Vigil each May 13th to honor all fallen officers. In addition, the Fund maintains the largest, most comprehensive database of line-of-duty officer deaths, conducts research into officer fatality trends and issues, and serves as an information clearinghouse.

The Memorial Fund is governed by a Board of Directors representing 16 of the most prestigious law enforcement organizations in the country. In addition, three major corporate partners serve on the Board of Directors including DuPont, Motorola and Verizon. Led by President and Chief Executive Officer Craig W. Floyd, Memorial Fund staff members bring diverse backgrounds and skills to the organization’s mission. The Memorial Fund does not receive taxpayer dollars for its day-to-day operations, but relies on the generous contributions of the public."

To learn more about the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund visit

Article: Posted October 3rd, 2017. Updated October 27th, 2017.

Thin Blue Line USA
Thin Blue Line USA


3 Responses

Ricky Don Freeman
Ricky Don Freeman

August 18, 2022

Under Honorable Conditions you all have a blessed day , week , month , year .

Kathleen Parrish
Kathleen Parrish

December 24, 2018

I speak with a heavy heart as far as losing a FABULOUS … expression for the loss of Our National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Funds Gift Shop . I’ve been buying this flag for Police Departments and Sheriffs Departments here in North Carolina as well as the one I’ve been flying in front of my home since moving here in 2013 . Due to the New Law Museum in D.C. , they have chosen to forget about that BEAUTIFUL FLAG , as well as the thousands of gifts sold through that Gift Shop . The merchandise they are now selling to the public , just breaks my heart . I would not feel like a human being , to even own a t-shirt from there now . I have been buying thousands of dollars worth of Beautiful Merchandise , Quality Merchandise for Christmas Gifts , Birthday Gifts , Retirement Gifts and so much more I can’t put it in writing . I can only Pray , that the Board of Directors , think of how badly they have hurt the families who have lost a Law Enforcement Officer by just throwing away this Flag, as well as the rest of the Priceless Gifts that came from that Gift Shop . Also , on this last Flag from there that I own it was made by Annin Flagmakers , but on Annin’s website , as well as the NLEOMFund ( so called " Shop " ) I can’t replace mine as well as the one that was retired this week , due to severe weather damage . Again , PLEASE BRING BACK , NOT JUST THIS BREATHTAKING FLAG , but ALSO … The Real National Law Enforcement Funds Gift Shop . This Flag and merchandise was to HONOR THE MEN & WOMEN , who gave their lives for the job they LOVED . Not to fund a so-called Museum , I’ve lost several brothers in Blue , but it helped a bit knowing that their sacrifice was not part of the museum , but under the name of ’ The National Law Enforcement Officers Fund ." Please rethink what you’ve done . Thank You .

Jeff Tomczak
Jeff Tomczak

February 13, 2018

Thank you for honoring these men through your products and your donations. Three Colorado Peace Officers (Sheiff’s Deputies) lost their lives within five weeks this year. Our American flag have been at half-staff almost continuously since December 31st. We have had an outpouring our support for our law enforcement community and a high demand for these Thin Blue Line flags.

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