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Thin Blue Line USA Scholarships

by Thin Blue Line USA June 13, 2017 1 Comment

West Bloomfield, MI - The families behind active-duty police officers must be as brave and as fearless as those who wear the badge. For every long night and dangerous day an officer serves, there is a family supporting them, every step of the way. At Thin Blue Line USA, we understand the commitment and sacrifice families must make to have an active serving mother or father in law enforcement. 

Thin Blue Line USA annually presents a $10,000 scholarship to the West Bloomfield Police Department Foundation. This scholarship is shared between four students every year and is available to children of active-duty officers. Police Chief Curt Lawson, of the West Bloomfield Police Department, works closely with Thin Blue Line USA to ensure the scholarships are awarded to qualified students. The scholarship promises four years of support for each student and will award a total of $10,000 to the following four recipients:

Alexander Carline, Western Michigan
Lauren Turner, Grand Valley State
Trey Kerr, University Of Denver
Mark Stout, University of Michigan

Andrew Jacob, President and Founder of Thin Blue Line USA, graduated from West Bloomfield High School and is a strong advocate for higher education. "I've seen the importance of a higher education and I firmly believe every student should have the opportunity to pursue their college dreams. This scholarship makes college more affordable for our law enforcement families that earn our support day after day." - Andrew Jacob

Thin Blue Line USA will present the third year of the West Bloomfield Police Foundation Scholarship in May 2018.

Read more here about Thin Blue Line USA's involvement in the local community.

Thin Blue Line USA
Thin Blue Line USA


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Emile Espritin
Emile Espritin

January 20, 2018

need help from the blue line USA about the scholarship

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