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A Story of Hope

by Linda Searles March 28, 2018 3 Comments

The incredible story of Officer Ryan Holets has swept through the country, shining a beacon of hope into this terrible stage of the opioid epidemic. Our video tribute has been viewed over 3 million times, garnering a wide audience after President Trump personally invited him to receive honors at his State of the Union. Read on to for out update of this brave family, their beautiful baby, and the recovering victims of heroin addiction.

Crystal Champ became addicted to opioids as a teenager; a tragic reality that is affecting a startling number of Americans. Her addiction posed an extreme danger to her unborn child, a child that was rescued and adopted by Officer Ryan Holets. A child he named Hope.

HoletsRyan Holets broke down the walls and offered to save her life and her unborn baby’s life. Ryan knew that it wasn’t what he said to Crystal, the day he found her and Tom Keys shooting up heroin behind a gas station, but what he did that would impact their lives forever. Ryan Holets, a police officer from Albuquerque, N.M., on duty that day, made a decision to adopt Crystal’s baby.

Crystal Champ and Tom Keys are on the road to recovery. The couple is currently staying at live-in rehabilitation center are fast approaching 90 days sober! Officer Ryan Holets has raised nearly $25,000 by starting a Tom and Crystal GoFundMe for the couple’s housing after they leave the rehabilitation center. Initially the GoFundMe was started to help raise funds for their rehabilitation, however, a rehabilitation center stepped forward to offer full scholarships to their facility. Ryan is directly in control of all funds raised by the GoFundMe and personally ensuring that they are used to help support Tom and Crystal.

CrystalTom graduated from the program at the rehabilitation center several weeks ago and is currently doing work for the facility. Crystal is in the process of graduating and looking for a halfway house where she can stay after she leaves the facility. Ryan stays in contact with the couple, sending pictures of baby Hope, who is now 5 months old, letting them know how she is doing. He said baby Hope will always know how much Crystal loved her.

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Linda Searles
Linda Searles


3 Responses


May 16, 2018

All i can say is i love you and thank you for being an upstanding Cop that sets the bar pretty high for the rest. I hope all officers can learn from your compassion and ability to do such a wonderful job. May God bless you and your Family over and over for the rest of your wonderful life’s.💗☝👏🙏


May 05, 2018

That’s beautiful that they allow her to know how much her mother loved her she won’t be walking around w a missing piece in her heart God bless this officer that’s a amazing act of kindness and love. God sent you to this family for your family and theirs may your cup over flow with blessings😍😘


April 03, 2018

If anyone can still get a hold of the mother on crack or heroin, there is help out there. There is a Teen Challenge faith based drug an alcohol program, THAT DOES WORK. Every life matters. The DEVIL has a job to do too, and that’s to seek, kill and destroy. But Jesus said I’VE COME TO GIVE LIFE AND A LIFE MORE ABUNDANT. try to find her and the guy too.
Great job officer 😇

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