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Remembering Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick | Give Blue | $16,786.22 Donated

by Kelleigh Lamb February 16, 2018

Deputy Killed, Multiple Shot in Colorado Springs

Our prayers are with Colorado today where a third deputy has been killed in just two, painful months. God bless Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick. May he rest in peace. Participate in the fundraiser: http://bit.ly/2BdW4pF

Posted by Thin Blue Line USA on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick was shot and killed while performing an auto theft investigation on February 5, 2018.

Deputy Flick was 34 years old and is survived by his wife and twin daughters. He served with the El Paso Sheriff's Office for 11 years. He was the third deputy to be killed in Colorado in just 5 weeks.

When the Give Blue Fundraiser began, the state of Colorado came together, once again, to offer their support for the family of our fallen hero, Deputy Flick. We send our deepest thanks to everyone that participated and continues to wear their Thin Blue Line Bracelet in his honor.

“When I saw him put on his uniform and head out — other wives understand this —  I told him not be a hero,” she said. “But of course, he was a hero. He couldn’t help but be a hero.” - Rachael Flick, Micah's wife. - The Denver Post

A total donation of $16,032.58 was donated to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Foundation to directly support the family. His commitment and bravery will never be forgotten.

God bless you, Micah Flick. May you rest in peace.

To read more about Thin Blue Line USA's efforts to support our nation's fallen officers, please click here.

Kelleigh Lamb
Kelleigh Lamb


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