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Remembering Meggan Callahan | Give Blue | $4,771.65 Donated

by Thin Blue Line USA May 18, 2017

Edenton, North Carolina - On Wednesday, April 26th, Sergeant Meggan Callahan of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Division of Prisons, was killed after being assaulted at the Bertie Correctional Institution. Sergeant Callahan was the first to respond to a fire in the prison that had been set by an inmate. While Sergeant Callahan was extinguishing the flames, the inmate attacked her, killing her with a fatal blow of the fire extinguisher. 

Sergeant Callahan was an exemplary officer that will be remembered for her kind, loving, soul. She was a young sergeant, just 29 years-old, but she served her community and her country with heroic valor that is rare to see. Her five years of service with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety set the standard for what a brave, selfless, officer can be.

Sergeant Callahan's death cast a shadow across our entire country, and reminded us of the dangerous, thankless, work our correctional officers serve behind the wall. Her funeral proceeding truly showed what a positive impact she had made on North Carolina and Governor Roy Cooper made sure to be in attendance. 

When all of us at Thin Blue Line USA heard the news of this tragic loss, we began a Give Blue fundraiser for the SEANC, Sgt. Callahan Memorial Fund. Through the sale of Thin Silver Line Bracelets, a symbol of unity for Correctional Officers across the country, we helped raise $4,771.65 of donations to benefit the fund. The outpouring of generosity and kind messages made it clear how loved and respected Sergeant Meggan Callahan was.

“It’s just a sad day, so I just wanted to see a great sendoff. She was an amazing person. I mean, really an amazing person,” - Tabitha Martin

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