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Dedicated Heroes of COVID-19

by Kelleigh Erickson April 07, 2020

Thin Blue Line USA was founded with the urgency to give back to our first responders - our often unsung heroes. Our law enforcement, firefighters, healthcare and other essential workers risk their lives to help others every day. As COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, this has made their work even more dangerous and difficult. 

We are humbled to partner with Serve & Connect and their passionate efforts in response to COVID-19. Serve & Connect is a non-profit organization driven to defeat the misconceptions of law enforcement, promote positive awareness and create trust within communities. They provide resources to boost effective communication to change divided communities into stronger, safer places with togetherness and conversation.

Serve & Connect has vowed to continue their positive actions by providing first responders with items that have become difficult to access during this time. These items could include emergency supplies, including non-perishable food items; hygiene products and disinfectant. By purchasing products from our Hero Collection, 10% will be donated to Serve & Connect and their mission to help our frontline workers. The collection will be available until May 31st. Please join us in the fight against COVID-19 and continue to support our heroes during this uncertain time.

Check out our Hero Collection here:

Hero Collection

To learn more about Serve & Connect, or to make a donation, please visit here:

Kelleigh Erickson
Kelleigh Erickson


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