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Thin Red Line Ornament, Dalmatian Pup

  • Epoxy Coloring
  • Dalmatian Dog Shaped, High-Quality Ceramic Finish
  • Ornament: 3 1/2 X 1 3/4 X 2 1/4 - H x L x W
  • Durable Metal Hanging Hardware 


There is a long history behind the Dalmatian and their association with firefighters. As a breed, Dalmatians have developed special relationships with horses, calming and protecting them. Due to this trait and their attractive coats, they became popular as carriage dogs and often rode along and stood guard when their owners were away. When fire engines were drawn by horses, Dalmatians became firehouse mascots and often rode on the fire engines. These incredible animals deserve to be represented on your Christmas Tree. The ornament features a Dalmatian pup with a fire hat and gold scarf. The pup's fur has white glitter accents the scarf has gold glitter accents, and the fire hat has red glitter accents, all to catch your eye. Support our firefighters and combine it with your Christmas spirit to form the perfect holiday display.

We have donated over $1 million to causes supporting law enforcement, veterans, first responders, and more. We thank you for your continued support of our mission.

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