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Dual Flag Car Emblem

  • High Quality, 3M adhesive backing 
  • Easy to apply: Remove protective backing from adhesive tape
  • Multiple use: great for the home, office, or auto
  • Made from .2 mm aluminum
  • Dimensions: Length: 3.15 Inches, Height: 2.00 Inches

The Dual Flag Vehicle emblem is the best way to show your support for the defenders of our communities..  The sturdy aluminum and strong adhesive make for a durable symbol which will endure through all types of weather. The striking red represents the courage of our firefighters while the collected blue exemplifies the bravery of our law enforcement. To display the Dual Flag Car Emblem is to honor the public heroes that put the safety of the nation above their own. 

NOTE: This is super strong adhesive and should not be removed from paint.

We have donated over $1 million to causes supporting law enforcement, veterans, first responders, and more. We thank you for your continued support of our mission.

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