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Hooded Sweatshirt - Police Week 2024, Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition, Official Thin Blue Line USA Police Week 2024 Hooded Sweatshirt
  • 7.8-ounce, 60/40 Cotton/Polyester
  • Printed in the USA

Introducing our powerful and poignant Police Week 2024 commemorative hooded sweatshirt design, crafted to honor both the sacrifice of the fallen as well as the unwavering strength of law enforcement officers today.  

Embodying this year's theme, "Commemorating the fallen, inspires strength in today," our design captures the essence of remembrance and resilience in one striking image.

On the backside stands a resolute officer, evoking solemn reflection and reverence. In uniform, the officer stands tall, a symbol of duty and dedication. But it's not just the uniform that speaks volumes—it's the subtle details that truly convey the message.

In the officer's grasp, the officer holds a bouquet of roses, each bloom a vibrant tribute to the fallen comrades who have bravely served and sacrificed. Yet, it's not merely a gesture of mourning; it's a testament to the enduring strength and spirit that lives on in the hearts of those who continue to uphold the badge.

With muscles visibly defined, the officer's stance exudes strength—both physical and emotional. It's a reminder that while we honor the heroes who have gone before us, we also draw inspiration from their legacy to face the challenges of today with unwavering fortitude.

This design serves as a powerful reminder of the profound bond shared among law enforcement officers—a bond forged in the crucible of adversity and strengthened by the indomitable human spirit. As we commemorate the fallen, we also celebrate the resilience and determination that define the men and women who proudly wear the badge.

We have donated over $1 million to causes supporting law enforcement, veterans, first responders, and more. We thank you for your continued support of our mission.

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