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Police Week 2017

by Pete Forhan May 24, 2017

 By a joint resolution on October 1, 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed Public Law 87-726 that declared May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15 falls as National Police Week, the annual tribute to law enforcement service and sacrifice.

Washington D.C. - Police Week is a critical time in which all of us, as Americans, take a step back and honor the fallen men and women of our United States Law Enforcement. Every year, hundreds of new names are etched into the National Law Enforcement Memorial, immortalizing their strength, service, and sacrifice. Police Week draws officers from around the world for a chance to pay tribute to our heroes and celebrate the thankless work that connects every LEO.

At Thin Blue Line USA, we strive to support every family affected by the loss of a beloved officer. We are proud partners of the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, and we knew how important it was to come to Washington D.C. and pay our personal respect. We brought a team of eight employees out to the capital to spread awareness of our mission, meet with officers from across the country, and provide the highest-quality products for law enforcement support.

Our weekend was full of emotional tributes and inspiring stories. Every American officer has a unique story to tell and an amazing support system behind them. We heard from a fearless rescue diver, a 55-year army/law enforcement veteran, the Boston Police Commissioner that stopped the Boston Bombers, the President of the NLEOMF, and many more exceptional individuals. The countless stories of valor confirmed how selfless the law enforcement community is.

Police Week 2017Our Thin Blue Line USA team was honored to be a part of Police Week 2107. We were proud to provide the flags on display in Tent City and giveaway all of our Police Support Stickers. The long days and nights of our vendor booth were made easy by the conversations we could have with all of the totally sober officers enjoying a weekend in Washington D.C. The profound impact our law enforcement professionals have on this Country will never be overstated.

We look forward to Police Week of 2018, and we hope to establish bonds between even more law enforcement non-profits before May of next year. If you are interested in helping our mission please visit Give Blue and make a difference to a family affected by the unimaginable.  

Police Week 2017

Pete Forhan
Pete Forhan


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