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A Nation of Blue

by Thin Blue Line USA June 09, 2017


“From Seattle to Boston, Pittsburgh to Dallas, we are all brothers, standing one line between order and chaos. We are the police, protecting one nation, indivisible, with honor and pride. No matter where you came from, no matter where you’re going, whether you’re black or white, silver or gold, we are all, and always will be… blue.” 

The Thin Blue Line has long been honored as the international symbol of Law Enforcement Officers and their thankless service to our communities. The solemn black background serves as a testament to our fallen brothers and sisters, while the striking blue represents the thin division between order and chaos; our American Law Enforcement Officers. 

Every American Officer makes a promise to this country. They will fight to their last breath to keep our country safe. They will run steadfast into peril for a stranger. They will, always, answer your call. 

This brotherhood is unlike any community across the country. The camaraderie, respect, and trust our officers place onto one another unites all backgrounds. Our American Law Enforcement has incredible diversity that spans every city, county, and state. Those that answer the call surrender their safety and their history, to become a hero in blue.

Thin Blue Line USA
Thin Blue Line USA


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