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Alabama City Names Street after Fallen Officer

by Amanda Le August 28, 2020

Officer Cousette

Throughout the course of an officer’s life they have touched countless people’s lives. Therefore, the lost life of an officer is considered a loss to the community as a whole. Last September, the community of Tuscaloosa felt the loss of Officer Dornell Cousette. We reflect on Dornell’s life and contributions with a heavy heart. 

His life was full of sacrifice for the good of others. Investigator Cousette dedicated his life to protecting and fighting for the youth. He won many departmental awards of excellence for his work, which specialized in fighting child sexual and physical abuse (Tuscaloosa, 2019). In addition to his 13 years with the Tuscaloosa Police Department, he also served as a US Army Veteran. 

Officer Cousette never made the drive home to his Fiancé and young daughters on the night he was killed. “Cousette...made a choice, Maddox said. “His choice was courage. His choice was duty. His choice was fidelity to all. Simply put, Investigator Cousette chose hope. Now all of us have a decision to make because just honoring his sacrifice is not enough and it will never be enough.” (Al, 2019). The city council has reached a unanimous decision to change the name of 35th Street to Investigator Dornell Cousette Street. “Officer Cousette didn’t get to go home the night of Sept. 16, 2019, but I think he’d be happy knowing that he’s on our minds every day that we get to,” Chief Brent Blankley said in the statement. “It’s not something we take for granted.” (The Associated Press, 2019).

As Mayor Walt Maddox said, “Although the conditions that create the crime are far beyond the control of law enforcement, …(we) believe it is the thin blue line that separates hope from despair.” (Al, 2019). 

Thin Blue Line USA recognizes that it is hope that creates the future we all wish to see.

Amanda Le
Amanda Le


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