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500 Thank Yous

by Thin Blue Line USA April 03, 2017

It can sometimes seem impossible to show your gratitude for every officer in your community. There can be so many men and women that are deserving of our love, respect, and gratitude. But not for Heidi K, a loving mother out of Richmond, Michigan, who takes giving back to a whole new level.
Heidi began her mission of giving with the humblest of beginnings.
“It started off as just myself and my daughters with conversations about how important law enforcement officers are to the communities they serve and they people they know” Heidi told Thin Blue Line USA. Last year Heidi, along with the help of her daughters, created 250 “thank you” bags to distribute among her beloved local law enforcement departments. When asked about the idea, Heidi said “I did a little searching on line and saw a few different ideas for thank you candy bags and wanted to go with something along those lines because of the kid’s involvement. They were onboard immediately.”

This year, the team is taking their mission to the next level. Heidi and her kids have set a goal for an amazing 500 Thank You bags to be created and distributed. “Through the wonders of Facebook, I documented the process for my friends and family to see, which has generated quite of interest in helping us this next time around. So. our hopes are that after the next delivery, and with new help from these friends who are excited to join us, they can turn around and continue this tradition out in their communities and keep it going.”

We were so inspired at Thin Blue Line USA by Heidi’s efforts that when she approached us about ordering 500 Thin Blue Line Bracelets (1 for each bag) we were more than excited to donate them all! When we heard how ecstatic Heidi and the kids were, we couldn’t help but tell more people about her mission!

If this amazing story inspires you to make a difference, we encourage you to share this page so that others may feel the love Heidi and her kids are pouring back into their community.

Thin Blue Line USA
Thin Blue Line USA


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